The Foundation The Medicaudit foundation (MF) supports not-for-profit hospitals (PNFP) which provide services to low income patients, usually in the rural areas. It is a non profit organization. The aim is to maximise the eficiency of service delivery thus enabling as many patients as possible to access effective low cost health care.

This is achieved by the provision of computer management systems which deliver integrated health and financial information.

MF provides a comprehensive service which includes hardware and software installation, on site staff trainning and ongoing support. Regular software upgrades are included in the very modest fee charged for supporting the system.

Medicaudit was launched in 2008 and is now used in over 20 hospitals and 15 other health facilities . Hospitals regularly report a significant increase in income following implemetation. Patients appreciate the provision of accurate and transparent information about the cost of their care.

Medicaudit foundation has developed a close relationship with Rotary Doctor Bank, a UK registered charity (No 1081630). For more details see their website ( Rotary can meet the initial hardware cost for hospitals in suitable cases.

For more details or to request a site vist contact
Dr Kabuye Rogers on
+256 702 603809
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